A young, creative, disciplined, and proactive person who loves messing up with security tools to solve real-world cyber-security problems.
A seriously happy computer geek:-)
Hi, my name is Bablu Kumar (aka hacback17 on Twitter). I am the author of this Gitbook. I am an infosec enthusiast who is more inclined towards defensive security through offensive security, believes in learning/having a strong fundamental knowledge of technology, and also has an equal passion for sharing that knowledge with the world.
I often use Python for most of my work but I also have a solid understanding of several programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, and C. I do believe in automation, so I also have basic fundamental knowledge in PowerShell and Bash that I use to automate some of my repetitive work.
My curiosity isn't only in traditional IT infrastructure but also in Cloud Computing. So I do have a strong foundational knowledge of Amazon Web Services (AWS).
My aim with this Gitbook is to write my notes in a tutorial format that I (and others like me) can refer to when needing a quick refresher around these topics. You can learn more about me on LinkedIn.
"A single line of defective code in a single web application can render an organization's internal systems vulnerable" - The Web Application Hacker's Handbook
Here are some of my recent blogs on www.DynamicCISO.com:
My failed projects:
  • Social Distancing Android App - The idea of the project was to improve the world in some way and save people from Coronavirus but it failed -:(
P.S: Please use this just as a note. While I study I take notes from different places and aggregate them according to my needs and understanding. I may be wrong at times.


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